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Top 10 Washing Machines in 2020

Are you confused about choosing the best washing machine in India that suits your pocket and has the best quality? If yes, then welcome, you are at the right platform. We have summarized the best washing machines in India for or you can say Best selling washing machine in India. best washing machine in India price

Purchasing an electronic item is really challenging nowadays. It is really difficult as we have a wide range of options. We have to choose the one which may suit our budget as well as which is best in the quality.

Washing machines are becoming a vital part of our daily life. They are less time consuming and are easy to use. In India, washing machines are purchased for a long period of time. Here we have compiled the best washing machines in India of the year 2020. 


best washing machine


  • 6 motion dd
  • 8 kg capacity
  • Front-loading machine
  • 2100 W power consumption 
  • The maximum speed of 1200 RPM
  • Smart diagnosis system
  • 2 years warranty

It is one of the best brand of washing machine available in Indian market. It provides you with great wash quality with less operating cost and it comes with many other features also.

Lg 8 kg automatic front load machine has the capacity of washing 8 kg of clothes at a time. It is suitable for a family of 4 – 5 members. It is made up of stainless steel and is more durable.

It can have 1200 revolutions per minute. This indicates that it takes less time for drying. It has 12 washing programs. Hence it can wash a variety of fabrics. 

The machine is connected with a direct drive motor that helps in reducing noise and vibrations. The voice of the machine is so low that even you won’t be able to notice it. 

It is also connected with a touch control panel that is very easy to use and understand. You can simply set the mode according to your wash type. It has a smart diagnosis system that helps you in detecting the errors in the machine.

The machine comes with a digital display. It has  self-clean and fuzzy logic. It has 2100 W power consumption. It comes with the 2-year warranty and 10 years motor warranty. It comes with an in-built heater. Any high-efficiency detergent can be used in the Machine.


  • It comes with child lock feature
  • Water-efficient
  • Fully automatic
  • Time-efficient
  • Inbuilt heater to control temperate
  • It is made up of stainless steel.


  • Heavyweight
  • Installation may take time
  • Price range is little high


best washing machine


  • 7 kg capacity 
  • Fully automatic 
  • Less maintenance required
  • Quick wash
  • Eco friendly 
  • 10 years motor warranty 

Launched on 26 September 2018, Bosch 7 kg fully automatic machine is capable of washing 7 kgs of clothes at a time. The washer of this machine ensures deep cleansing of clothes.

It automatically adjusts the water by sensing the fabric type and a load of clothes which makes it one of the best washing machine in India. It automatically removes allergic residue like pollen grains, animal hairs, dust.

It has fewer vibrations and makes less noise. It is harsh on stains and soft on clothes. It washes clothes in 20 per cent less energy consumption.

It is eco and speed perfect. It can work in low water pressure. It has a child lock feature and creates less noise. It also allows the opening of the machine during the wash. So it makes easy to add or remove items during the wash. It can wash any type of fabrics.


  • It produces less noise.
  • It requires less maintenance 
  • It has a load-sensing option
  • It has a child lock feature 
  • Can take the load of heavy blankets and bed sheets


  • Support is available at metro towns only


best washing machine


  • 6 kg capacity 
  • 1000 rpm speed
  • User-friendly display
  • Digital inverter technology 
  • Ceramic heater

Samsung’s washing machine with excellent washing saves a lot of water. It works on a digital motor. It makes less noise. It is energy efficient. It doesn’t require a stabilizer. It has diamond drum technology. It ensures tangle-free washing. It also protects delicate clothes from damage. It also drains the water quickly. It can wash clothes even in 15 minutes and hence is good for busy schedules. Apart from working it has elegant body design. It has a touch mode and is user friendly. It contains a ceramic heater which prevents the calcium build up and increases the life-span of the washing machine.


  • Diamond drum to protect the clothes from damage.
  • Tangle-free clothes
  • Time-efficient 
  • Energy efficient 
  • 10 years motor guarantee 


  • The led display is difficult to see in light areas.


best washing machine


  • Fully automatic 
  • 6.5 kg capacity 
  • 3-dimensional wash system
  • Crescent moon cast drum

IFB senorita aqua sx is a front-loading fully automatic machine. It comes with several features that ensure proper washing of clothes. It can wash clothes up to 6.5kgs. It has 100 wash programs. It is budget-friendly. It has a 3-dimensional washing system that adds dynamic movement of water. The water circulates 360° in the drum and penetrates the clothes deeper.

It has an aqua filter which treats hard water and reduces bicarbonates into crystals. This gives a better wash.

It has a crescent moon cast drum that ensures gentle wash.

It has 43 litres of water consumption. The time duration of washing is 33 to 134 minutes. It has a prewash and time delay feature. 

It comes with the 4-year warranty and 10-year motor warranty.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fully automatic 
  • Prewash feature
  • 4-year warranty 
  • 10-year motor warranty


  • It has fewer features.



  • 1000 RPM
  • Rust resistant 
  • Reduces energy consumption 
  • 6 motion direct drive
  • Smart diagnosis system 

It is one of the top-selling front load washing machines, in India. It has 6 kg of capacity. It is made up of plastic and hence is rust-resistant. 

It has a touch panel display. It has different wash settings. It’s washing cycle takes a minimum of thirty minutes. It takes less energy.

It has a special feature called 6 motion direct drive. It consists of stepping, filtration, scrubbing, tumble, rolling, and swinging.

It has another unique feature i.e. smart diagnosis system. The machine can communicate with the computer and helps technicians to understand the fault before the visit.


  • Reduces noise and vibrations 
  • Innovative design and technology
  • Cleaner and fresher clothes.


  • Minimum 30 minutes wash
  • Extra installation charges
  • Short inlet pipe 

6. IFB 6.5 KG TL-ROW


  • 6.5 kg capacity 
  • Led display 
  • Different wash care programs 

It is a front loading machine with a capacity of 6.5 kgs and is suitable for a small Indian family. It has 100 wash programs. It is suitable for every kind of fabric. It has a unique water spray system. It ensures 360° spin in the drum.

It has a unique aqua energie function that converts hard water into soft water. It also comes with a crescent moon drum. It gives clothes a deeper buy gentle wash. It also has a foam control feature to maintain the quality of the wash. It has an auto imbalance feature that ensures even distribution of clothes during washing.


  • Ball valve technology 
  • Child lock
  • Inexpensive 
  • Suitable for hard water


  • Not suitable for a large family



  • 680 RPM
  • 9 wash programs
  • Speed perfect function 
  • 8 level of the water system
  • 320 W power consumption 
  • Child lock

The machine has 6.5 kgs of capacity. It is a good choice for the family having 3 – 5 members. Its unique power wash removes stains from clothes. It has 9 wash programs including bedsheets, jeans, daily wash, drying, and much more. It has a time delay option.

It comes with a soft closing lid. 

It has a dual dispenser feature and can work on low water pressure conditions.

It has 2 years warranty and 10 years motor warranty.


  • 2 years warranty 
  • Child lock
  • Fully Automatic 
  • Dual dispenser 
  • Shut down memory


  • No inbuilt heater 
  • No door lock
  • No invertor technology 



  • 3 wash programs 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Semi-automatic
  • Two inlet pipe

This is one of the best washing machine in the budget-friendly category. Washing machine is suitable for a small family with 2 – 4 members.

It has 3 wash programs including heavy, normal and delicate washing. It has a 6 kg capacity. It includes a large washtub of 66 litres. It doesn’t have many features but it is suitable for low budgets. 

The clothes need to pre-soak before washing. It takes about 30 – 40 minutes for washing. After washing you need to manually shift the clothes to the dryer section. Keep in mind a load of clothes. If clothes are transferred unevenly into the dryer, then dryer may not work. It has two inlet pipe for hot as well as cold water.


  • Suitable for bachelors and small family
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Cleaner clothes
  • 6 kg capacity 


  • Time-consuming 
  • More workload
  • No auto soak feature 



  • 1000 RPM
  • Rustproof
  • 7 kg capacity 
  • 2 years warranty 

This rust proof washing machine from LG has a capacity of 7 kgs. It is suitable for a family having 3 to 4 members. It weighs 35 kgs. It spins 1000 revolutions per minute And hence takes less time to dry. 

It has 3 programs i.e. for a gentle, normal and heavy wash. 

It has a roller jet button that rotates the clothes and gives better-washed clothes.

Another interesting feature is rat away technology. It keeps rats away from the washer as it has rat repellent chemicals.

It has 360-watt power consumption.


  • Rat away technology 
  • 2 years warranty 
  • better drying out 
  • Rustproof 
  • Roller jet
  • Easy Maintenance 


  • Not easy to move
  • Not suitable for a large family 
  • No invertor technology 



  • 740 RPM
  • 7.2 kg capacity 
  • 350 W power consumption 
  • Child lock
  • 2 years warranty 

It is a semi-automatic top loading washing machine. It has a capacity of 7.2 kgs.

It requires less water and energy. But it requires manual efforts. What you have to do is put the clothes, water and detergent in the machine. Then after, put the clothes in the separate column for drying.

It revolves 740 times in a minute.

It has a double jet system. It is corrosion free as it is made up of plastic. It is durable. It has a buzzer system that indicates that the wash cycle has been completed. It comes with a wash tray. It dries 70 – 80% of clothes in the drum itself. It has the power of 350 watts and weighs approx 24.5 kgs.

It has 2 years of warranty and 3 years of motor warranty.


  • Air turbo drying system
  • EZ washing tray
  • Rust free
  • 2 years warranty 


  • Not suitable for a large family 
  • No inbuilt heater 
  • No inverter technology

A Complete Guide to Washing Machine

Have you thought, how a washing machine works?

Let us know about its working, its parts and installation.

Parts of washing machine

A washing machine has a complex working. Usually, a washing machine consists of the following parts:

  • A DRUM

There is a rotating drum inside the washing machine, this the part where you put the clothes to wash. There are holes in the drum which allows the water to enter-in. 


It lies on the edge of the drum that helps the clothes to rotate during the wash


Heating elements control the temperature of the water and heat up the water for a better wash.

  • PUMP

The pump is available in the washing machine to drain out the water from the drum.


It controls and regulates the washing machine throughout the wash cycle.


They are present in the washing machine for the entry and exit of the water


To understand the working of a washing machine is not rocket science. It’s quite simple. The washing machine consists of two drums, one in the machine and the other one holding it.

The inner drum can be seen as soon as we open the lid. In a front-loading washing machine, the inner drum is placed forward. The drum consists of holes to let the water in and out. In a top-loading machine the drum faces the top. The outer drum holds the inner drum. There is an inbuilt heater present in many machines to warm up the water to a certain temperature. 

Now what you have to do is put the clothes in the machine, if it is semi-automatic then put the required detergent and water. The drum will start rotating and from the little holes, the water will come in. The agitator will help in rotating the clothes. After a few spinnings, the dirt will start coming off. After that, the water will drain out through the electric pump. Now you have got cleaner and fresher clothes. In short, the procedure is :

  1. Put the clothes and detergent (if semi-automatic) in the machine and just switch it on.
  2. Select the program you want.
  3. The valves will be automatically opened by the programmer to let the hot or cold water in. The water will be filled into the outer and inner drum up to a certain level. 
  4. After water gets filled to a certain level, the water valves will be switched off.
  5. If the water is cold then the inbuilt heater will heat it up to a certain extent.
  6. Afterward, the drum will start rotating in back and forth motion and the clothes will get sloshed with soap and detergent.
  7. The detergent will be pulled out from the clothes.
  8. The valves to drain out the water will be opened up. The water will drain out from the machine.
  9. Again clean water will enter the drum.
  10. The drum will again start rotating back and forth to remove the remaining soap and dust from the clothes.
  11. After washing the clothes are spun without water for drying.
  12. After drying you can take your cleaner and fresher clothes.

There is a wide range of washing machines available in the market. There are many types of washing machines. Before comparing the brands let us find the type of washing machine you need. I hope it will help you in selecting the perfect washing machine for your home. Some of the washing machines are listed below:


After these two types come to another two types i.e. :


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In a top-loading washing machine, the opening is found at the top,i.e you have to put the clothes from the top of the machine. The barrel can be filled with water and soap and then clothes can be put into for washing. It comes either with agitator or with the impeller. The difference between the two is agitator is a winged pole in the middle of the drum that moves the clothes. It washes the clothes like a hand wash but makes the clothes rough while the machine with the impeller is like a fan at the bottom that whips the clothes. It is good for delicate clothes but can tangle clothes.

Merits of the top-loading machine:

  • It is cheaper in price as compared to a front loading machine. 
  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It has the widest range of machines
  • It works quicker.
  • It is easily movable,i.e we can move it from one to another without any efforts.

Demerits of the top-loading machine

  • Not suitable for every laundry 
  • Rougher on clothes
  • It may get jam and stop rinsing sometimes.

Brands Available

Samsung, Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Panasonic, Haier 


The front-loading washing machine has a door in the front. Dirty clothes have to be put in and the barrel is filled with soap and water. Usually, a dryer is attached on the top to save space. The clothes move around by the rotating drum.

Merits of the front-loading machine

  • It comes with a built-in heater.
  • Its maintenance cost is lower than the top-loading machine.
  • It is not rough on clothes and hence can be used for delicate clothes too.
  • More water-efficient.
  • Gives a more thorough wash.

Demerits of the front-loading machine

  • These machines are more expensive. 
  • It cannot add clothes in the mid pf washing.
  • More time consuming
  • It cannot be moved easily due to its heavyweight.

Brands available 

Samsung, Bosch, LG, whirlpool, mitashi, Godrej


This is a kind of machine which has a separate dryer and washer. They are also known as semi-manual, as we have to manually put the clothes, water and detergents. Once the clothes are washed then we have to put them into the dryer section. They are available at cheaper rates. 

Merits of a semi-automatic machine

  • It doesn’t require a continuous water supply.
  • It uses less water.
  • It is less time-consuming.
  • It can be easily transferred from one place to another.

Demerits of a semi-automatic machine 

  • It requires more space
  • It requires more efforts. 
  • It is difficult to use.

Brands available

Whirlpool, Godrej, Samsung, LG, Haier, Hilton


Fully automatic machine is easier to use. What you have to do is simply put the clothes in the machine. The machine will automatically take the amount of water and detergent to use. This kind of machine has only one same section for washing and drying. There is no separate dryer. Such machines work instantly on one click.

Merits of fully automatic machine 

  • These machines save a lot of time and hence are time efficient 
  • It saves a lot of space
  • Child lock option
  • No need for manual intervention

Demerits of fully automatic machine 

  • These machines are more expensive 
  • Repair of a machine is even expensive
  • Manual dryers perform better than the automatic dryers
  • Unable to open the door, unless the whole process is complete

Brands available

Bosch, Samsung, LG, Haier, whirlpool

Once you are familiar with types of washing machines, you need to know about the capacity of washing machines.


The capacity of a washing machine you need to buy depends on the number of people in your family. There are lots of best washing machines available in the market that provide  a good capacity. It depends upon the number of clothes you are going to wash in the washing machine. Usually, the capacity is measured in kilograms. Some clothes are heavily weighted while some are light weighted.

If there are lots of people in your house and clothes are washed very often then you must go for the machine with a large capacity. While when there is less number of people then you must go for either medium or small capacity washing-machine.


Before selecting the best washing machine there are certain features that you must think about. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration before buying a washing machine

  • The material of the drum must be checked before purchasing the washing machine. There are varieties of drums available in the market. It can be made up of plastic, stainless steel or enamel. Stainless steel drums are the best as they are long-lasting and can spin at a high speed.
  • A spin cycle should be taken into consideration while purchasing a washing machine. A spin cycle refers to the number of spins a dryer does in one minute. More numbers of spin indicate better drying capacity of the machine.
  • Always check the type of machine you need. If you have sufficient time and your budget is low then, in that case, you should preferably go for the semi-automatic machine while if your budget is high then you can opt for a  fully-automatic machine.
  • Always check whether the machine has an in-built heater or not. In-built heaters regulate the temperature. This feature is useful in winters. Also, warm water does better cleansing than cold water.
  • Check the warranty and life of the washing machine. Check whether the machine could work in the long run.
  • Also, check whether the machine has the pre-soak feature or not.

Hope this data was helpful in knowing the types of machines available in the market. Now hereby we have compiled the 10 best choices of washing machines available in the Indian market in 2020.


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Direct drive technology is the most innovative technology found in washing machines. It includes less moving parts to increase the life of the machine. And It is combined with a 10-year warranty. Also It reduces friction and hence saves power. But the drawback is such motors are heavier than the conventional motors. They have a great level of efficiency and generate less noise. 


In inverter technology, the machine runs at variable speeds. It makes the washing-machine work at an ideal speed. It also saves a lot of speed and hence makes the machine energy efficient. 


6 motion technology is specially designed for washing different kinds of fabrics. Different kinds of fabrics require a different kinds of washing techniques. Such motions include tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swing, rolling, and filtration. Some machines include energetic wash, soft support, power shower, and slow motion. Machines like IFB also comes with an air-air pocket wash, 360-degree wash, cradle wash, 02 wash, and steam wash.


The drum is the most important part of a washing machine. A good drum ensures better wash without harming the fabric.

The double direction turning drum reduces the tangling of clothes. There is another drum technology found that is diamond drum technology. In this technology, the holes are 25% smaller and it protects the clothes from damage. 


Heated water removes more dirt from clothes as compared to cold water. The in-built heater warms the water automatically and removes the toughest stains. It also averts difficult calcium tasks. It also helps in power reduction.


Samsung has launched the machine with bubble soak technology that makes the machine able to take out the dirt and stains through soaking the clothes in bubbles. The advantage of this technique is that the bubble doesn’t harm the texture of clothes.

Whirlpool has launched its own technique that is a super soaking technique that removes the hardest stains with the soaking and scouring movement.


Noise and vibrations are important issues for the buyer while purchasing the washing machine. There are innovative techniques that reduce noise and vibrations. Some brands have used cutting edge sensors to reduce vibrations and noise. Samsung has released VRT+ technology to keep the noise and vibrations as low as possible.


Cities like Noida are still facing the problem of hard water. It not only damages the clothes but also harms the washing machine. To cope up with these brands like IFB, whirlpool, etc have hard water treating technology in their latest models of the washing machine. 

Aqua Energie technology has been furnished by IFB to change hard water to soft water. The aqua channels separate the bicarbonates present in hard water.

  • Auto detergent dispenser 

Various people don’t know the correct amount of detergent to be dispensed during the wash cycle. More detergent leads to wastage. It also leads to stains and an awful smell. The washing machine makers have innovated technology to overcome this issue. The machines nowadays have auto dispensers. These dispensers automatically dispense the required detergents according to the clothes capacity.

Tips for a better wash!!

  • Do not put detergent directly on the clothes rather put the clothes first, then add water and then detergent. Use a better detergent. Try to differentiate between safe and worst detergent. 
  • Never put the socks with the clothes together. 
  • Don’t over-dry the clothes in the spinner.
  • Don’t leave the zippers of denim, or jackets open.
  • Don’t leave the buttons of the shirts, trousers, or anything open.
  • Don’t scrub the stains on the clothes.
  • Some clothes must be dry cleaned. Don’t wash them in the machine.


I hope the information was helpful in finding out the best washing machine for your family. This would be helpful in understanding what kind of a washing-machine your family requires. There are many budget-friendly options as well as there are also many advanced options. Semi-automatic machines are quite budget-friendly but require manual efforts. On the other hand, fully automatic machines are less costly but don’t require manual efforts.

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