12 Best Air Conditioner in India (2019) – Buying Guide

Which Are The Best Air Conditioners | 12 Best Air Conditioner In India 2019

Hi friends! As the summer is at your doorsteps, I hope you would have grabbed the best air conditioner for your family. If not, then must be worrying to know which air conditioners are best for you. Don’t worry, because you are at your right destination to choose the best ac in India. Here are the ones which are the best air conditioners, both split, and window, at your service.  best air condition, best air condition, best ac in india, best ac in india, best air condition, best air condition,

It is a pity for our children that they have to bear the long duration of summer with the rising temperatures pricking their skin, ranging from 35 to 45 degrees, sometimes even 50 due to the tremendous changes caused by global warming from the past many years resulting in the rise of temperature from 0.8 to 1.0 degree Celsius. So, friends, counter this prickly heat by not only planting trees but also by taking the advantage of technology, i.e., by choosing one of the best air conditioners which will leave the atmosphere of your room in its best air condition.

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Note: The following list of ACs is not according to their rank because everyone has their own ranking as everyone has their own preferences and requirements. So, it is requested to visit it till its end so that you could the best air conditioner for yourself.

12 Best Air Conditioner in India (2019) – AC Reviews & Buying Guide!

  1. LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – KS-Q18YNZA

which are the best air conditioners

This exceptionally durable AC which comes with 100% copper condenser coil with adequate ‘Ocean Black’ not only protects from corrosive elements like sand, salt, and industrial pollutants but the dual cool technology of this AC not only cools faster but also takes care of your electricity bill.

Want to know how! Scroll down.

It is the Gold Fin condenser technology which is anti-corrosive and hence extends the life of the AC.

The energy and the cost are saved by the Active Energy Control feature of this Split AC which comes with the inverter compressor. The Low Refrigerant Detection functionality detects the low refrigerant levels to ensure that room always remains comfortable for you.

The Himalayan Cool Technology enables the AC to cool quickly.

Also, you need not to worry about monsoons too because the Monsoon Comfort Technology controls humidity. Moreover, this AC has an in-built stabilizer and the Auto Clean functions to ensure that there will be no mould formation as switching on Auto Clean keeps the heat exchanger dry making it one of the best air conditioners in India.

The durability of the AC is endured by its Hi-Grooved Copper that dissipates heat better and resist high pressure. Thus, it is an energy efficient AC with the R32 refrigerant which also ensures that it does not add to global warming and hence protects your family and friends through both the ways.

PROS: Himalaya cooling expertise, Monsoon comfort technology.

CONS: Not much efficient in saving energy.

best air condition



  1. Voltas SAC 173IY 1.4 Ton Split AC Review

best air condition

The Voltas 1731Y Split AC is the one which consumes less power and more utilities and greater capacity. It is the best Split AC to buy!

Why! Go on reading!

The sleep mode automatically fine-tunes the room temperature while you are enjoying your precious sleep. The LCD remote control enables you to make best out of this air conditioner.

Thus 1.5-ton split AC takes care of your environment through anti- bacteria mesh along with its twin temperature facilities.

This is a best conditioner because it is the prince of ‘auto’ functions- auto restart, auto diagnosis, auto clean, etc.

It serves you through 5050W of cooling capability, 1430W of potent power, and rotating compressor. Voltas also provides a 5 years warranty on its compressor and a 1-year warranty over the air conditioning unit.

It is the best split 1.5-ton AC in India compared to other brands, considering its price

PROS: Himalaya cooling expertise, Monsoon comfort technology.

CONS: Not much efficient in saving energy, comparatively.

best air condition 


3) Daikin FTKF50TV16U – Most Energy Efficient (Electricity Saving) 1.5-ton AC

which are the best air conditioners


Daikin is also one of the best brands for making best air conditioners with high energy efficiency. And in 2019, Daikin FTKF50TV16U, a 1.5-ton AC is blessed with the highest energy efficiency.

This AC has an average cooling capacity of 5280 watts and hence a nominal power consumption of 1290 watts.

It has 5.33 ISEER which is the highest among all 1.5-ton ACs. Not only this but it also has 100% copper, Stabilizer Free Operation (130-265V), Coanda Airflow (for better cooling all across the room), Silent operation (to not to disturb you in your important and precious moments), Quick Cooling (to relax your body quickly) and sleep mode for better cooling at night.

As it is the most efficient AC, its price is slightly up but if you are a regular user of ACs then this is the best air conditioner for you in India.

Pros: Supreme efficiency in energy saving. Coanda airflow for better all-round cooling. Sleep mode to improve comfort level at night. Annual Power Consumption: 767 units

Cons: Does not have too many air filters or features. Operating temperature of 50 degrees is a bit on the lower side if compared with other brands.

best air condition

  1. LG 1.5-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – KS-Q18FNXD1

which are the best air conditioners

This air conditioner is best because it saves energy without affecting its performance as it has an inverter compressor which works on the Active Energy Control functionality.

The Gold Fin condenser makes this AC especially fit for Indian conditions. The Ocean Black Protection gives greater protection from toxic elements such as smoke and other pollutants.

The innovative Low refrigerant detection not only keeps the room comfortable but Himalaya Cool Technology cools the room in the shortest period possible. The Monsoon Comfort Technology does not let the humidity to interfere into your comfortable zone even during heavy rainfalls.

The Auto Clean feature keeps the heat exchanger dry. The vents are positioned in such a way that they do not throw the cold air directly on your face but direct it towards the ceiling.


The appliance itself is protected from electrical surges and voltage fluctuations through an in-built stabilizer.

This is one of the best air conditioners, also because it is an environment-friendly as it uses the R32 refrigerant and thus reduces the carbon elements.

PROS: Himalaya cooling expertise, Monsoon comfort technology.

CONS: Not much efficient in saving energy, comparatively.


best air condition


  1. Hitachi Neo 5200F RAU518HWDD 1.5 Ton

which are the best air conditioners

Hitachi is one of the leading choices for commercial use because of its cooling capability along with its respectable brand name, and extensive resilience.

It is best known for its power air stream flap which spreads the air even to the farthest end of the room. The broad angle louvers and the upright auto swing are a few of its array of features. But it has been rated as 3-star because of its price. But this 1.5-ton air conditioner comes with an auto start, dust filter, and a rotary compressor. Also, it cooling capability is 5000W and its power consumption is 1560W.

If you are not satisfied with this AC, don’t worry we have an another one which 5-star. Just check down below!

PROS: Inverter ACs consume less power, Multi-level filters, Amazing cooling capacity

CONS: Very Costly

best air condition

  1. Samsung 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC – AR18NV5HLTRNNA

best ac in india

Samsung ACs are widely accepted because of their excellent after-sales service.

This air conditioner is best because it consumes lesser power than the regular models because of its 8-pole digital inventor. It has Durafin Anti-Corrosive coating for your protection from pollutants. Moreover, it also improves its performance of the heat exchanger as the denser material ensures more heat transfer.

The in-built stabilizer makes sure that it works within the range of 146 to 290V and protects it from random power fluctuations.

You need not o worry about moisture, humidity, and temperature because the Good Sleep Feature automatically readjusts itself accordingly.

It is also preferred for its distinctive compressor protector that prevents any overloading of the compressor and thus enhances its performance. Also, the controller protector withstands voltage fluctuations from 80V to 450V and ensure that there would be no harm to the AC. The fins and chassis have anti-corrosive protection in the form of MJT plus Coating.

PROS: Inverter ACs consume less power, Multi-level filters, Amazing cooling capacity

CONS: Very costly.

best ac in india

6) Daikin FTL35TV16W1 – Best 1 ton split non-inverter AC

best ac in india

Though it is better to go for an inverter AC but if you still want to buy the non-inverter one then Daikin FTL35TV16W1 is best air conditioner. Though it has a fixed speed but its cooling capacity is 3350 watts and it consumes 918 watts of power.

Its ISEER is 3.65 and makes this AC best amongst the category of 1-ton, non-inverter ACs. The ensures the air quality and ensures that you get best air condition through PM 2.5 filter.

The Coanda Airflow technology spreads the cool air all across the room and the sleep mode increases your level of comfortability at night and also decreases the consumption of electricity. The room gets cooler faster because it has Power chill operating inside it. In nutshell, it is one of the best air conditioners for a BEE 3 star non inverter AC.

Pros: Good energy efficiency. 100% Copper. PM 2.5 filter for pollution prevention. Coanda Airflow can help in getting good coverage across the room.

Cons: Lacks advanced sensors and filters for optimization and indoor air quality.

best ac in india

If you have changed your mind to buy the inverter AC. Don’t worry! We have many choices for you. Just scroll down and you will find what you want.


  1. Blue Star 5HW18ZARTX 1.5 Ton AC Review

best ac in india

The Blue Star 5HW18ZARTX 1.5 Ton is an inverter AC which hardly takes 5 minutes to cool your big room completely and hence it becomes amongst those which are the best air conditioners for company/ office uses. Blue Star becomes their choice.

It is constituted of 5300W’s cooling capability of 5300W, 1600W of power. Neither it disturbs you in your working hours as it just generates 40 decibels of sound and hence becomes best air conditioner for office work.

It is comprised of anti-bacterial, anti-acarine, dust, active carbon, silver ion, and catechin filters to keep away the harmful elements from your atmosphere. Not only its energy consumption is less but it is also protected from fluctuating voltages making this 1.5-ton AC achieving a 3-star rating.

This AC can become the best air conditioner for your use. Just check its price at online stores like Amazon and Flipkart before buying because Split Air conditioner’s prices reduce at the times of sale.

PROS: Inverter ACs consume less power, Multi-level filters, Amazing cooling capacity

CONS: Very Costly


best ac in india

  1. LG JW-Q18WUZA – Best Window AC

best ac in india

Window ACs has become most ignored ones because they had not been coming with improved technologies since a long time. We do not tend to recommend these ACs to our customers which we want them to buy those which are the best air conditioners in India. Generally, window ACs come with an outdated technology and hence even 5 star ones are low in their efficiency. They are equal to BEE 2 or 1 star split ACs.

Nor they have filters and sensors but if you really want to go with it then LG JW-Q18WUZA is the best air conditioner in its category because it is the first Window AC which has inverter technology compressor in India and hence it revolutionizes its category with this innovation, ensuring its place amongst those which are the best air conditioners in India

It is very fast in cooling making hardly as it has LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor technology. What makes this AC the best air conditioner is that it hardly makes any sound and hence it stands apart from its outdated versions.

The AC protects itself form corrosion as it has 100% copper with ocean black protection. Another feature which makes this the best AC in India is that it is also wi-fi enabled and thus it can used through a smart phone.

It has an average cooling capacity of 5000 watts (or 1.42 tons) and its ISEER is 3.5 (which is equals any entry level BEE 3 star split AC). In nutshell, this is the best window AC in the market which will come to your expectations.

Pros: Inverter Compressor in a Window AC. Good efficiency. 100% copper with corrosion protection. Dual Inverter is quick in cooling and silent.

Cons: Efficiency still low as compared to split ACs. Lacks air filters and sensors.

best ac in india


  1. Carrier 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC – CAI18EK4C8F0


The is the one of those which air conditioners are best because of its powerful and durable design which not only cools the room faster but saves power also, at the same time.

It has a unique technology called HybridJet which makes it the best air conditioner as it uses the combination of air and low-temperature refrigerant to cool the outdoor E-box. Hence, it works both ways and can fulfill your needs even if the outdoor temperature is 50 C.

The inbuilt stabilizer enables it to work even at voltages between 150 to 280V at temperatures as high as 48C, efficiently.

It has many other noteworthy features such as Auto Restart, follow me functionality, and a unique PM2.5 filter for the delivery of pure air. The sleep mode enables the AC to adjusts automatically and levels the cooling performance at night by decoding your room temperature. This is how it answers your question of which air conditioners are best

But it is not an environment-friendly appliance as it uses the R22 refrigerant.

If you are looking for the one which is pocket-friendly then here ends your search. Move a bit downwards and you will get the one which is best for you.

best ac in india

  1. Whirlpool Fantasia 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

which are the best air conditioners

This 1.5 ton AC becomes the best AC in India as it not only has 5 stars rating but is the most economical one along with its 5200W if cooling capacity which consumes 995W making it a perfect answer to the question of which air conditioners are best.

It purifies your air and makes it the best air condition through its Auto clean facility, also with the help of silver-ion filter and anti-bacterial filter. The turbo mode cools the room immediately and the dehumidification function decreases the amount of moisture in the area with the use of turbo mode.

Whirlpool is much celebrated because it provides a 4 years warranty on the compressor along with a 1 +1 year warranty for the air conditioner.


PROS: Stylish & Powerful, Amazing cooling experience, Reasonably priced AC.

CONS: No additional filters

best ac in india

 We live in that country which is famous for its weather, sometimes pleasant, at the other times harsh. Considering that the best air conditioner not only must cools our area but also must be strong enough to endure the harsh changing weather. So, friends, don’t worry, here, we answer not only those questions which you could have asked but those also which you must know as an aware customer. 

  1. LG 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – Q18CPXD2

The modern-day LG air conditioners are made fit to resist corrosion and to ensure its durability in the harshest weather conditions with the help of Gold Fin technology and hence it is counted amongst those which are the best air conditioners in India.

This LG AC comes with a dual inverter technology which is comprised of a varied speed dual rotary compressor which exhibits a wide rotational frequency range. Its over performance is excellent because of its Copper Condenser and the Ocean Black Protection which provides protection from humidity, dust, salt, etc and hence is best more Indian climatic and weather conditions. The Himalaya Cool technology does instant cooling without any wastage of time and in turn without wasting power.

The 3M filter keeps out dust, pollen, and other invisible pollutants out from your rooms. The in-built stabiliser of this 3-star inverter split AC protects it from voltage fluctuations.

PROS: Stylish & Powerful, Amazing cooling experience, Reasonably priced AC.

CONS: No additional filters



  1. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – RSD317HCEA

which are the best air conditioners

Inverter compressor is one the best technology that is used to improve the efficiency of ACs in the recent past which not only ensures excellent performance but also takes care of your budget by saving a considerable amount of your electricity bill. How did it happen? To know, move down a bit.

The variable speed of the compressor adjusts the power depending on the heat load. Another feature which makes it best AC in India is its noise-free operation.

This 1.5 ton AC is most suitable for an average Indian bedroom measuring from111 to 150 sq. ft.

As copper is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity this AC makes use of that. It uses copper condenser coils for the perfect dissipation of heat and hence its performance is excellent while it requires low maintenance. The dehumidifier makes the heat exchanger to remain dry.

The antibacterial coating purifies the air by taking out the dust particles and other pollutants through its Dust Filters and ensures the circulation of the pure air inside the rooms.


which are the best air conditioners

So, guys, we hope that your visit must have borne fruits to you by nit only providing you information about ACs which are the best air conditioners in India but also by widening your knowledge about them. Our purpose it not only the former but the latter too. So, considering that we encourage you guys to continue your journey to enrich yourselves more about the answer to the question of which air conditioners are best so that  you could come to know about the inner workings of ACs.

As the demand for ACs are increasing, more brands are entering the market. Though the awareness level has increased but there are many more areas that you need to know before choosing the best AC for yourself and investing into it which is the objective of this guide to fill you with the knowledge about the best air conditioners.

AC requires the windows to be shut but what we need to buy an AC is to open the windows our minds to choose rationally. So let’s move forward in this path of enlightenment.

Working of the air conditioner

The scientific guides that are provided by the companies do not help the common man generally because the explanation and the language are highly scientific. So we are providing you with the simpler one because our objective is to impart knowledge and not to obscure it.

ACs work on the principle of the synonymity of heat and cold. The absence of heat is cold and vice versa. By removing the heat from the rooms, it leaves the room with cooler particles only.

Yes, friends that true.

It does not generate cooling but eliminate heat and hence cools the room.

Refrigeration cycle:

1) condensing coil,

2) expansion valve,

3) evaporator coil,

4) compressor

We will also provide you with a scientific explanation but in a simpler way. Actually, ACs work on the three principles of: –

  1. evaporation,
  2. condensation, and
  3. Compression

We will go into these processes in brief to have a clearer picture.

  1. The refrigerant gas is the most basic component for the working of ACs. When it is compressed, it releases a high-pressure hot liquid. We will, later on, explain what this refrigerant gas is in this page. Firstly, we will stick to the working of one process.
  2. after that, the resulting hot liquid will move through the condenser coils where the heat will escape and cools the liquid. But the liquid is still under high pressure.
  3. Now the high- pressure liquid is converted into a low- pressure one by the expansion valve which performs one of the most important tasks.
  4. Then the heat of the room is absorbed by the low-pressure liquid when it flows through the evaporator coils of the air conditioner. Again, the heat is converting the liquid into gas. This process of absorption cools down the room. For the better performance,we must try to decrease the level of heat in our rooms which can be done by shutting the windows.
  5. This process goes on repeating itself as the refrigerant gas comes back to its initial form.

You must be thinking what is the internal difference between a window AC and the split one. Here is your answer friends!

In a single-unit window AC, the compressor, condenser, and the evaporator are located in a single unit while in a split AC unit the compressor and the condenser are situated in the outdoor unit whereas the indoor unit comprises of the evaporator coils.

Now, friends, we will help you to know how to choose the right AC for yourselves which depends upon various following factors.

Size of the AC – Select the right Tonnage

  1. Climate:

The climate of your city is the most important factor which determines your choice for the best air conditioner for your work and family. Where the outdoor temperature is high, for instance, in the summers of Delhi when it reaches even 45 to 50 degrees, the ACs with higher capabilities are recommended. While in the areas like Chennai where it is around 35 to 40 degrees, one can go with the moderate ones.

  1. Area and Volume

Bigger the area and the more the volume of the room means the requirement of the ACs with more cooling capacity with the function of spreading it to all the corners of the area.

  1. Location

So, the location of the room in relation to the direct sunlight plays an important role while choosing the best AC.

  1. Usage

The usage of the AC- both daily and in terms of months plays a vital role in choosing the appliance.

What is the concept of tonnage of the AC and what does this mean?

If you visit the AC market, you will the ACs of varied tonnages such as 1-ton, 1.5- ton, 2-ton and so on. The tonnage is the amount of heat that the air conditioner will remove from the room in an hour. The mathematical unit for tonnage is BTU (British Thermal Units). 1 ton equals 12000 BTU. Higher the BTU, the greater is the cooling effect.

Why it is necessary?

As we have just told the various factors in determining your choice in which tonnage/ size is the one which in turn depends upon the number of people sitting in the room, the amount of heat other appliances is releasing which the AC has to absorb.

which are the best air conditioners

Now you must be thinking how to determine the consumption of electricity by an AC.

Electricity consumption of the AC units:

This is a common question on the minds of all AC buyers. Actually, it again depends on various factors like the tonnage, star rating, and usage of the AC and so on. To go deeper into this question, let us look at some of the principal aspects in brief.

Modes of operation of the AC units

The electrical consumption depends on the various modes in which we use the AC. They are the following: –

  • Cool Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Dry Mode
  • Energy Power saver mode
  • Quick cool mode
  • Sleep mode
  • 6th Sense cooling

which are the best air conditioners

By choosing the mode wisely we can control the electrical consumption which again depends upon the size of the room, amount of heat present in the room as the AC cools down by removing the heat out. A 1.5-ton AC will work differently in a room of 120 sq. feet as compared to the same AC working in a room of 150 sq. feet.

Now you must be curious to know the depths of the function of the inverter ACs. Just scroll down and get your answer.

Inverter AC – Concept, Working, and Benefits

Usually they are mistaken to be the ones working on home inverters. But they are called Inverter ACs because they work on the Inverter Technology whereby they save a lot of power.

What happens in a regular AC that the compressor works at only two speeds, full and zero. When it reaches the optimum temperature, the compressor switches off and only the fan works. When the temperature rises above a certain limit then it starts working again. But it does not happen in Inverter ACs because in this technology the compressor never switches off but works at variable speeds and hence draws less power too.

It can be explained through the functioning of the accelerator in a car. If you want to increase the speed, you press the accelerator. To slow down it, you remove the foot and the vehicle cruises without consuming any fuel. This is how the inventor technology saves power and

This technology is only available in split ACs. A 3-star inverter AC is equivalent to the 5-star normal split AC.

 Now we will enlighten you with more differences between the Inverter and Non-Inverter ACs. Stay tuned!

Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

The basic difference between the inverter AC and the non-inverter AC is that the former is capable of running at variable speed and variable tonnage while the non-inverter ones run at a constant speed and tonnage. Inverter ACs can adjust their speed and tonnage according to the heat inside the room. The non-inverter AC units do not have this capacity.

In terms of efficiency, inverter ACs are 7% more efficient than the non-inverter ones. (in the same star rating category)

Why do we need inverter ACs?

It is because some of the factors which determines our choice are not constant but changes. For instance, number of occupants in the room, temperature level, amount of sunlight. Only inverter ACs are capable of changing the speed automatically according to the ambience.

Here is the BEE data of 2018 about power consumption of various AC units of different tonnage and ratings (total consumption- 1600 hours).

Higher the star rating, the lower is the consumption. The inverter AC units are more energy efficient. Hence the best air conditioners are the inverter ones.

As we have mentioned earlier that the ACs work on the basis of three principles- compression, condensation, and evaporation which involves the flow of the refrigerant gas inside the coils in gas and liquid forms as is explained earlier in the page. So, you must be thinking which coil would be better, copper or aluminium. Don’t worry! You will get your answer very soon.

Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil

Initially, the copper coils had been used but after the revolutionary changes of 1970 by the general electronics. They had been replaced by the aluminium ones and with the ensuing if the debate between the two. Here, we will help you in choosing the right kind for yourselves.

Reciprocating Vs Rotary Compressors

After having known the different kinds of coils let us explore the difference between reciprocating and rotary compressors, which are known as the heart of an AC as it is the compressor which compress the refrigerant gas to a high-pressure liquid making it to pass through the condenser coils to remove the heat from the liquid and then to release it out.

There are two major types of compressors: –

  1. Reciprocating compressor– It works on the concept of the cylinder and piston like the engine of any automobile. The piston works in a back and forth motion resulting in compression and release of the gas as is shown in the given diagram.

Pros: Easy to maintain, Capable of working at higher pressures

Cons: Produces a lot of noise, the air comes out at a high temperature

  1. Rotary compressor– Here, there are many rotors which have very little clearance between them, which rotate in opposite directions to let the air pass through them to emerge at a higher pressure.

Pros: Good for large offices and industries, less noise, Air comes out at a lower temperature

Cons: Expensive as compared to reciprocating compressors, Higher usage is required for optimum working


Conclusion: –

  • the reciprocating compressors are perfect for homes and small offices.
  • the rotary compressors are ideal for heavy-duty uses such as in offices and industries.

which are the best air conditioners

When the AC stops cooling the room enough, it is advised to replace the coolant. Right! What exactly is this coolant or the gas?

which are the best air conditioners

Air conditioning Refrigerants

Refrigerant Global Warming Potential Ozone Depletion Potential
R 22 1810 Medium
R 410A 2088 Nil
R 32 675 Nil
R 134A 1430 Nil
R 290 3 Nil
R 600A 3 Nil


best air condition

There are many types of refrigerants that have been used over the years. They are the following: –

  • Chlorofluorocarbons – CFC
  • Hydrochlorofluorocarbons– HCFC
  • Hydrofluorocarbons – HFC
  • Hydrocarbons – HC

best ac in india, best ac in india, best air condition, best air condition, best ac in india, best ac in india, best air condition, best air condition, best ac in india,

By choosing the right coolant one not only performs one’s duty towards one’s family but also towards the society because maintaining the sanctity if the environment is highly in the interests of our humankind.

Let us now look at the factors affecting the efficiency of the AC units and the concept of star ratings.

Energy Efficiency Ratio: (EER)

EER is the amount of heat removed per hour, divided by the amount of power consumed.

Thus, EER = BTU/hr/Watt

The higher the EER, the better is the performance. Hence, an air conditioner with a higher EER is more efficient.

Co-efficient of Performance: (CoP)

Star Ratings

What are these star ratings? What does they signify? The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Department of Energy Savings Government of India label various electronic products with these star ratings. A lot of factors go into their labelling. These ratings remain fixed for certain period of time. Here are the star ratings for window and split AC units for the period 01.12.2016 to 31.12.2017.

This table imparts us the knowledge that hoe star ratings are as important as the EER. Also, it is a compulsion for the manufacturers to include the EER on the star rating sticker. Though the 5-star AC will be more expensive than the 4-star AC but the latter will cause a considerable amount of cut down in the electricity bill.

It is also necessary to look for ISEER, i.e., CSTL/ CSEC in the matter of saving energy. The BEE makes it mandatory for Indian AC manufacturers to declare the ISEER on the star rating label

It is essential to know these terms for the understanding of these star ratings. If ever you don’t know them ask the dealer before finalizing your decision to buy which type of AC. Also, it is highly advisable not to oversize the AC because it can affect the performance.

Best AC in India – Final Words                                            

It has been so great of you to visit the page to its last by doing which you have done a great job towards yourselves by letting us to impart the maximum knowledge about the best air conditioners in India and about their working process in the most simple terms which will not only help you to perform your responsibility by giving the best AC to your family, friends and colleagues which will also be pocket friendly but also you will be able to maintain the balance of our ecosystem as now you yourselves know about which ACs are eco-friendly and which are not, and which coolant you have to use for replacement.

If you still have any queries regarding AC selection, you are heartily welcome to post them in the comments’ section below to let us answer them to help you know which are the best AC in India.

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