11 Best Water Purifier In India (2019) – Buying Guide

Which Water Purifier Is Best? – 11 Best Water Purifier RO / Water Filters

The 70% of our body is made of water which necessitates the need to consume 6 to 7 liters (at least) of water daily. But, as we are living in an industrialized world full of toxic pollutants polluting everything- soil, air; water is no exception in that, as we all know that. Hence, not just drinking water, but drinking pure water is very essential to keep our bodies healthy and fit to be in a working condition.,india best water purifier, water filters, water purifier ro

But don’t worry friends, modern problems have modern solutions. We are living in an age of water filters or water purifiers Ros, and here we will tell you about which water purifier is best in India

Before delving into the field of India best water purifier 2019, it is essential for you to know the difference between RO, UV and UF water purification technologies.

You might be thinking that what these terms- RO, UV, and UF stand for. Don’t worry! Here you get your answer.

  • RO- Reverse Osmosis
  • UV- Ultraviolet
  • UF- Ultra Filtration

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RO Water Purifier UV Water Purifier UF Water Purifier
Needs Electricity to operate Needs Electricity to operate No Electricity is needed
Kills and Removes all the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water. Kills all Bacteria and Viruses but the water still contains their dead bodies. Kills and Removes all the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water.
Needs Electricity to Boost the Tap Water Pressure Can work with Normal Tap Water Pressure. Can work with Normal Tap Water Pressure.
Removes the Dissolved Salts Cannot remove Dissolved Salts Cannot remove Dissolved Salts
Has Prefiltration system to work with the Dirty Water. Water should be clear for UV to work. Works with Dirty Turbid Water.


india best water purifier

Power is required for water purifier RO to operate. Only RO is the water filter which removes the total dissolved solids in water. Most of the Water purifier RO comes with water filters to purify dirty or muddy water. But the water purifier RO cannot convert the saline water to fresh water, i.e., desalination. Also, the water wastage is high in water purifier RO because it requires a lot of water, when compared with UV and UF water purifiers. But it’s alright. You can use wastewater mopping floors, washing automobiles and in gardening too.

The availability of water filters is no scarce. There are many brands such as Kent, HUL, Purelt, Tata Swach, Eureka Forbes, etc. So, we will help you choose India’s best water purifier.

Always pick a water purifier that is Energy Efficient, Compact, and Easy to operate. Now lets see which one of them could be India’s best water purifier.

(Guys, if you are in a hurry, we have picked up some of the best water purifier RO for you. Check out their prices on Amazon. It is offering good discounts on Home and Kitchen Appliances during.)

  • Kent Grand Plus– Best water purifier RO for Medium family
  • Kent ACE Mineral– Best water purifier RO with 7-litre storage
  • Havells Max RO UV– Budget RO suitable for all water sources
  • Livpure Glo– Budget RO with Mineralizer
  • Pureit Mineral Classic– Budget RO with Mineralizer
  • AO Smith Z8– RO with Hot Water Dispenser

But which water purifier is best? Lets check which is India’s best water purifier.

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Best Water Purifier in India (2019)

  1. Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO and UV/UF Water Purifier

which water purifier is best

Kent is the first brand that comes to our minds when there is any talk of water filters. They are one of the best water purifier ROs.

  • 8-liter capacity
  • Futuristic Double Purification
  • Patented RO TM technology
  • Ideal for Indian homes

Kent Grand Plus’s RO TM technology is patented. The purest drinking water for the is ensured by the TDS controllers. Kent water purifier products are best for Indian conditions because they have the capability to handle both, the municipal water supply and the natural groundwater easily.

The futuristic double purification system which is comprised of RO and UV/UF makes this water purifier to stand out from its competitors because this technology removes all impurities including bacteria, viruses, and dissolved salts to give you the purest drinking water for your family.

But what is problematic is that very essential minerals get lost in the water purification. But Kent’s patented RO technology’s TDS controllers recovers the lost minerals and gives you not only safe but healthy drinking water.

Another noteworthy feature of Kent Grand Plus is that it has computer-controlled operations, ABS Food Grade Plastic construction, and high storage capacity.


  • India’s Best water purifier for Indian conditions specifically
  • Double purification including RO and UV/UF
  • Purify water from all inlet sources
  • 8 Litre Storage


RO water purifiers waste lot of water

which water purifier is best


  1. Havells Max 8-liters RO UV Water Purifier

which water purifier is best

Havells is also one of the best water purifiers in India with a reputed brand. This ot comes with both the RO and UV purification techniques for the supply of 100% pure water. Not only they provide your family purest water but also adds to the décor of your kitchen as they famous for their excellent physical appearances.

  • Capacity – 8 litres
  • Purification technology – RO + UV
  • Mineralizer function restores lost minerals
  • Revitalizer restructures the water molecules
  • Best budget RO water purifier

To purify water Havells Max RO + UV water purifier uses double water purification methods. TDS, bacteria, viruses, and other minute impurities are taken off by the RO membrane. Moreover, it ensures the 100% purity level by clearing out any leftover residue of bacteria or viruses through its UV purification technology.

Its mineralizer function not only replenishes the minerals in the purified water but also rectifies the pH value of the water. This is how it ensures the supply of pure and tasty water at all times.

The Revitalizer feature of this water purifier restructures the water molecules and biologically activates them to improve the hydration and mineral absorption capacity of water making it India’s one of the best water purifiers.

Some water filters’ supply of water comes short. But the iProtect feature of this water purifier go on monitoring the water purification process to ensure the continued supply of pure water.

The food-grade quality storage tank and an innovative design are the other attractive features that frees you from the worry of where to place the water purifier in your kitchen as you can do it anywhere because it comes with a very attractive style. Moreover, it can be fitted in any corner of your kitchen.


  • Excellent designing
  • Double purification makes water 100% safe to drink
  • Mineralizer function to restore lost minerals


  • Requires high maintenance, especially in areas where TDS levels are high
  • Buy yearly warranty, but it is an expensive affair

which water purifier is best

  1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6-liters RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier

which water purifier is best

Eureka Forbes is also an answer to which water purifier is best as it is of a reputed manufacturer of water purifier ROs and other consumer appliances. These water purifier ROs use Double Purification technology for the supply of 100% pure and tasty water.

  • Capacity of 6 litres
  • RO + UV purification technology
  • Energy saving mode
  • MTDS controller

This water purifier is best because it can treat all kinds of source water including well water, bore well, and tankers.

This water purification system has many water filters. It comes with a six-stage water purifying technology that includes: –

  • Pre-filter to remove large impurities
  • Chemi Block with a built-in particle trap filter to eliminate bad odor and dissolved organic contaminants
  • Membrane Life Enhancer prevents scaling of dissolved salts like magnesium and calcium.
  • RO Membrane to eliminate TDS, the hardness of water, and remove heavy metals like arsenic and lead
  • Taste enhancer to replenish the minerals lost during the RO filtration process
  • UV disinfection chamber to eliminate the bacteria and viruses from the RO purified water

It also shows the working of its various processes and gives indication about the purification process, lack of water supply, and defects in the machine through its smart designing featuring LED indicators. It is designed for your convenience to place it on the countertop or mount it on the wall as well. Also, the 6-litre storage is sufficient for an average Indian family of three to four individuals.

The RO cartridge comes with a long life of 6000 litres of purification. The presence of the TDS regulator ensures the replenishing of essential minerals that you usually lose during the RO purification process. Hence, you get 100% tasty water to drink all the time.

This appliance works automatically. It switches off itself by its own once the water tank is full and hence conserves energy. It also takes care of itself during voltage fluctuations between 150 and 270V through its Smart Plus feature.


  • Excellent design
  • Six-stage purification process
  • MTDS to restore the taste of water


  • Wastes water like all RO purifiers
  • 6-liter capacity is a bit small for an Indian family

which water purifier is best


  1. Livpure Glo 7-liter RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

india best water purifier

While Kent and the others are already established in the market of best purifier ROs, Livpure is a new competitor. Despite this fact, it is also India’s best water purifier as it can handle all types of water thereby making it ideal for Indian conditions.

  • Capacity of 7 litres
  • RO + UV purification
  • Mineralizer facility to restore taste of water
  • 6-stage advanced purification
  • Best budget RO water purifier for medium family

They work with the combination of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation to ensure 100% safe drinking water with this advanced water purification system.

It also boasts of features like indicators for purification processes and full tank status making this water purifier to come with an excellent design. It also saves energy as the water purifier switches itself off automatically when the tank is full.

Even in the absence of regular water supply, the 7-liter tank capacity will not let you fall short of pure drinking water. It can handle impurities in the water with TDS levels up to 1500 ppm. The system can purify up to 12 litres per hour.

The six-stage advanced purification system comprises of a: –

  • sediment filter,
  • pre-activated carbon filter,
  • RO membrane,
  • UV disinfection chamber,
  • silver impregnated post activated carbon filter, and

This is how, it removes sediments, TDS, microorganisms, bacteria, and bad taste from water.

The lost vital minerals during the RO purification process are replenished by the mineralizer, and it also improves the taste of water, do not give the bitter water-taste.


  • 6-stage purification process
  • 7-liter capacity is ideal for a small Indian family


  • After sales service is not that good
  • RO process wastes water

india best water purifier

  1. Blue Star Aristo RO + UV 7-Liter Water Purifier

india best water purifier

Though water purifier ROs are a new product, but Blue Star is a renowned player in the consumer durables manufacturing industry and hence it is a trusted brand name.

  • 7-liter capacity
  • 6-stage purification process
  • System alerts like low pressure, tank full, and purification alert
  • One year warranty on the product

Blue Star Aristo water purifier comes with a 6-stage purification process that includes: –

  • a pre-sediment filter,
  • pre and post activated carbon filters,
  • RO membrane,
  • UV lamp, and
  • the aqua taste booster to improve the taste of drinking water.

The optimum pH level of water is maintained by the Aqua Taste Booster feature which also enhances the taste of RO-purified water. The RO and UV eliminates all impurities such as TDS, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, radioactive matter, and so on through the double filtration method.

The organic compounds, toxic smell is removed the copper impregnated post-activated carbon filter and it has anti-bacterial properties as well. This water purifier comes with a large 10-inch filter to ensure efficient purification. That’s why it is an answer to which water purifier is best.

The physical features of this water purifier are: –

  • a 7-liter storage tank to store water for the entire family,
  • a child lock function to prevent unnecessary wastage of water, and
  • system alerts.
  • These alerts include purification-on, tank full, low pressure, and UV fail signals.


  • High-quality purification
  • 7-liter capacity is ideal for Indian homes
  • System alerts
  • 6-stage purification


  • Requires maintenance
  • Does not work at low pressure

india best water purifier

  1. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Liter 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

india best water purifier

Kent is the most favoured by water purifier users. Hence, they are producing them in various models and capacities but more or less the basic features are the same with almost all Kent models.

  • RO + UV + UF purification technology
  • 7-liter capacity
  • High-quality plastic storage tank
  • One year warranty

The deliverance of the best quality of pure water is done by the Mineral RO technology. The in-built TDS controller recovers the lost minerals which get lost during the RO purification procedure.

This purifier is best as it can work on all water sources- well, bore well, municipal tap, and tanker water and hence it is an ideal machine for Indian homes.

It works on both UV and UF purification to purify water from bacteria, viruses, and even from the smallest of impurities. The elimination of heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and antimony are done by the RO membrane. It also caters to the TDS present in the water and removes all dissolved salts.

A high-quality food-grade plastic tank for storage of water is also an another attractive feature.


  • Excellent purification
  • Highly safe to use
  • Prompt after sales service
  • 3-year no charge service promise


  • RO purifiers waste a lot of water

india best water purifier

  1. Blue Star Majesto 8-Liter RO + UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Majesto and the Blue Star Aristo model can be labelled as brothers as there are many similarities between them. But the capacity of the storage tank of the former model is eight litres while that of the latter is 7-litre.

  • 8-liter storage tank
  • Double purification technology
  • Food-grade plastic tank
  • One year warranty

Blue Star Majesto comes with a six-stage purification process that includes the following: –

  • Pre-filter to trap the large impurities
  • Pre-activated carbon filter to remove volatile organic compounds
  • Sediment filter to eliminate mud and other dissolved contaminants
  • RO membrane eliminates heavy metal impurities and TDS
  • UV lamp destroys the bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms
  • Post-activated carbon filter along with Aqua Taste Booster helps in improving the taste of RO-purified water.

The star-light of this water purifier RO is the advanced system that has the full-tank indicator to alert and purification –on process indicator. The design is an aerodynamic one but you have the choice to install the appliance in two ways- one is the traditional wall mount, the other is to place it on the countertop. Moreover, the outlet tap to take out water is at the right height and it becomes easy to put a glass below it to collect water. It also makes you to save water through its child lock feature which is another lightness in the picture.


  • Double filtration method
  • Deals with high levels of TDS
  • Excellent design


  • Does not work with water at low pressure
  • There will be water wastage

best ac in india

  1. LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier
  • Check Price at Amazon

water purifier ro

If there is any answer to which purifier is the best then LG is that in terms of durability in India, not in water purifier ROs but in many other products too.

  • 8-liter capacity
  • Dual Protection Steel tank
  • RO, UV, and UF Filtration
  • Mineral Booster

Instead of the food-grade plastic ones that is used in almost all the water purifier models, it has the stainless steel tank. Not only this but they are also the first one to use digital sterilizing technology in the industry.

It has a powerful 5-stage RO filtration system which is consisted of: –

  • an external sediment filter,
  • internal sediment filter,
  • pre-activated carbon filter,
  • RO membrane layer, and
  • the post-activated carbon filter along with the mineral booster.

The lost minerals are recovered by the mineral filter process to ensure that the RO-purified water is healthy and tasty. LG calls this technology as True Filtration. What is best about this water filter is that it has an additional valve to wash fruits and vegetables with sterilized water directly into the sink.

The RO water is sterilized for 75 minutes at 6-hour intervals to resist bacteria and germs from breeding by its Ultraviolet LED rays. This water purifier also boasts of smart filter change, UV sterilizing, and water level indicators.


  • High level of sterilization
  • Excellent performance
  • Stainless steel tank to prevent the growth of algae


  • RO process wastes a lot of water
  • Cost is a factor

water purifier ro

  1. AO Smith Z8 10-Liter Green RO Series Water Purifier

water purifier ro

AO Smith is an international brand which has produced some of the best water purifiers in the whole world which are also available in India now amongst which the Z8 model being is the most popular.

  • Capacity of 10 litres
  • RO purification with mineralizer facility
  • Food-grade plastic storage tank
  • One year warranty

What is the best thing about this water purifier RO is that it not takes care your family by providing you with safe drinking water but also of the society at large as it ensures the saving of water too. The standard RO purification process is such that every RO machine wastes 50% of water.

Now you must be thinking it saves water. Just scroll down a bit to have your answer which is ready for you.

It saves two times the water as compared to the regular RO water purifier with its innovative and patented Advanced Water Recovery Technology. The Z8 series has a reputation for displaying the highest recovery of 100%.

The harmful substances are eliminated by the RO + SCMT technology whereas the MINTECH feature goes on contributing to the addition of the minerals which get lost during the purification. This is how, you get pure and healthy water to drink.

The starlight of this water purifier RO is that it has a hot water dispenser from where you can get hot water at 45 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius by just pressing the button. Also, it is provided in in different colours to suit your kitchen interiors.


  • Does not waste as much water as standard RO water purifiers
  • Provide healthy and pure water to drink
  • Facility for dispensing hot water
  • Best water purifier with Hot water dispenser option


  • Issues with after sales services

water purifier ro

  1. Kent Maxx 7-liters UV + UF Water Purifier

water filters

As Kent Maxx is not a water purifier RO. It is only recommended for its use only in those cities where the local municipalities supply RO-treated water to its residents. Hence, you should not use this appliance where there are high levels of TDS in water.

  • Capacity of 7 liters
  • UV and UF water purifier
  • Food grade plastic
  • Ideal for water with low TDS levels

The elimination of bacteria, viruses, and all microorganisms is done by through the double purification of UV and UF.

Its durability is ensured by its food-grade plastic material. It has a 7-liter detachable storage tank so that you could take the pure water with you wherever you go.

Many water purifier ROs clean the water but still its not the cleanest. But this water filter has an 11-Watt UV lamp which deactivates all the microorganisms from water. Also, to alert the users, it has a filter change alarm and UV fail alarm.

The machine is protected from high voltage fluctuations through the in-built SMPS feature. There is no need for any manual intervention because the water purifier RO already works on a fully automated process. It also prevents wastage of water because the push-fit components ensure that there would be no leakages.


  • UV protection ensures elimination of disease-causing germs
  • Best water purifier for places with low TDS in water
  • Food grade plastic
  • Low maintenance


  • Not suitable for purifying groundwater
  • Does not work where water pressure is low

water filters

  1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

water filters

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus is Kent Maxx’s real competitor. In areas with low levels of TDS in water, this water purifier is ideal. How it is different from Kent Maxx is that it is not a storage water purifier.

  • Electric water purifier without storage
  • UV Water purification
  • Food-grade plastic

Though the municipalities supply RO-treated water in many areas in India but still they have dirt and germs which they gather on its journey from the municipal tanks to your homes. That’s why, it essentializes the need of a strong purification system such as UV to destroy these disease-causing germs.

The Mineral Guard feature of this water purifier RO produces ripples of high frequency and makes the water active for the prevention of the deposition of essential minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Also, the system shuts off the UV lamp by itself if you are using the device for ten minutes and hence saves energy. The Advanced Electronic Monitoring system not only scans the water but also shuts off the machine if there is any issue with the appliance. The stagnated water is removed by the Backflush system and it also helps to keep the filters clean.


  • E-boiling technology kills germs and viruses.
  • Retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • Auto shut off feature


  • No storage of water
  • Cannot use when there is no electricity
  • Not useful when the TDS level in water is high


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Best Water Purifier – Buying Guide

Consuming clean drinking water is not only a birth right but a right to survival also because in the world of industrialism when everything is filled with pollutants full of toxicity, it becomes necessary to consume only pure water in order to survive. That’s why the knowledge about water filters is necessary which we here are providing to our readers so that they could choose the best water purifier RO.

 Total Dissolved Solids

As the TDS value of the rainwater is only a few Tens of Mg/L, hence it is the purest form of the water.

Now you guys would be thinking what exactly this TDS is? By scrolling down a bit, you will get your answer.

TDS or Total Dissolved solids whether from natural and unnatural sources, are the total amounts of the mobile charged ions in a given volume of the water that include salts, minerals, metals, cations, and anions. The TDS value in the water can be measured by using a TDS Meter.

To have the water in its excellent state, it is necessary for the TDS to be low. The water is considered as best for drinking, if the TDS value is less than 300 mg/litre. It is highly unsafe to drink the water whose TDS value is 500mg/litre. But as India, there is a dearth of water reserves, most of its population end up consuming the water with high TDS levels and affecting their health and lifetime.

But the Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier removes these toxic Total Dissolved Salts like Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead. The dissolved salts are much more harmful than the Bacteria and Viruses present in the water. This is a greater threat because TDS like Arsenic and Lead work like a slow poison affecting your health and the duration of your life. What is worst that our children are most vulnerable to these harmful dissolved salts present in the water. That’s why vomiting, infection, indigestion and fever have become common.

But don’t worry friends. Just hurry up and buy a water filter for your family but don’t hurry before investing, first choose which is the best water purifier for your situation.

Move down a bit, you will see the chart about pH level of different liquids telling how much acidic and base elements they contain.

Note: You can buy Water Purifiers at Amazon.in. Along with Manufacturer Warranty and support, you will get the product delivered in time when you purchase a product from Amazon. Cash on Delivery and Easy Returns ?

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Now as you have gone through this buying guide to know which water purifier is best, to its end, you must be able to choose the best RO for yourself now. After looking at different minds of technologies that has been used in these water filters, we come to conclude that the combination of all of them is the best solution to know which water purifier is best. That’s why, almost all the brands use the multi-filtration technologies, i.e., RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller to leave no chance for impurities.

In nutshell, these are the best water purifiers in India for home use about which we have given the maximum possible details in a simpler way for our readers to understand. If you still have any question regarding the selection of water purifiers, you are heartily welcomed to post them in the comments section which will be answered sooner to help you to choose the best water filter in India.


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